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What Factors Are Involved in the Notion of Power?


It is necessary to look more closely at the idea of power because it is frequently associated with control and supremacy. Beyond the conventional narrative, power possesses a neglected aspect and a transformative essence that can fundamentally alter how we view ourselves and society.

We are encouraged to reevaluate our relationship with the outside forces that appear to control our lives by the notion that “You are powerful if you do not feel you are in need.”. This world, which is frequently perceived as a matrix of wants and needs, encourages a view of power based on approval from others, financial dominance, and attention. True power, on the other hand, comes from independence from these base needs and self-sufficiency.

Let’s start by redefining what we mean by “need.” Basic necessities for survival like food, water, shelter, and safety make up the majority of needs. Beyond these necessities, the social structure of our society promotes a wide range of other “needs” such as material possessions, societal status, and ongoing approval. When these “needs” go unmet, they serve as external crutches that limit our ability to achieve self-fulfillment and give us a sense of helplessness.

From the ashes of these fictitious needs, true power rises. When we accept that our true nature is not confined by these fleeting desires, it flourishes. It’s not about completely rejecting money, status, or attention—rather, it’s about realizing where and why they belong. These are only the means of travel. They can facilitate our journey but should not govern our lives or define our self-worth.

In this liberation from external attachments, we step into a realm of inner power. This strength comes from a sense of independence, from realizing our inherent value, and from practicing inner tranquility and contentment. Realizing our inherent completeness and freedom from the constraints of societal expectations is key.

Courage, tenacity, and mindfulness are necessary on this path to inner power. The goal is to cultivate self-awareness so that you can distinguish between fleeting desires and fundamental values. Our inner selves can be reached, our true desires can be discovered, and our potential can be realized through this mindful way of living.

We can interact with the world more successfully and genuinely when we are self-sufficient. When we use the true meaning of power as our compass, we can confidently move through the maze of life and use our influence to create a society that upholds the ideals of empathy, inclusivity, and fairness. A more enlightened engagement with the world, not a retreat from it, is what this is.

As we redefine power, we allow ourselves to embrace our fullest potential. This does not mean we will never face challenges or setbacks; it means we will be better equipped to face them without losing our sense of self. With this power, we are not only better individuals but also contribute to a more empowered society.

This transformation of power moves us towards a future where everyone recognizes their inherent worth and potential. A world where power is not about dominating others but about empowering oneself and, in turn, empowering others. This is the true essence of power – a state of being that enriches us and those around us. Let’s step into this realm of inner power and inspire others to do the same. 

Author: Pooyan Ghamari, Swiss Economist and Specialist in Blockchain Technology


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