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State of Crypto: Policy and Regulation by CoinDesk


State of Crypto: Policy and Regulation is a one-day event uniting key policymakers, regulators and government officials with legal, policy and compliance executives representing the largest and most influential TradFi and DeFi leaders in asset management and financial services. This event is for GCs, CCOs, CLOs, COOs, heads of policy and government affairs who are evaluating or actively investing in digital assets.

The industry will meet to set industry standards and align on practical short-term and long-term objectives through pointed conversations with the best legal minds and Washington D.C.’s most important decision makers. The gathering provides an unprecedented opportunity to evaluate, dissect and ultimately shape crypto regulatory frameworks that support a vibrant, secure and healthy future for the digital economy.

Join the conversation October 24th at Convene (600 14th Street NW) in Washington, D.C.

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