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Starting a Profitable Business in Switzerland: 20 Feasible Fields


Small businesses may find it challenging to operate in Switzerland because of its well-known strong economy and high standard of living. Even so, there are still lots of opportunities for business owners with limited funding to start and grow a successful company. 20 business ventures in Switzerland that could be profitable with a small initial investment are listed below:

1. For consulting services in industries like technology, management, and finance, Switzerland has a sizable market. Starting a consulting firm with a small group of professionals can be a lucrative business venture.

2. Online businesses: The expanding Swiss e-commerce sector offers a variety of opportunities for business owners to establish an online presence. There are many ways for small businesses to enter this market, including by selling products and offering services.

3. Food and beverage demand is very high in Switzerland due to the country’s rich culinary heritage. You can enter the food and beverage industry on a budget by providing catering services or by opening a small cafe or restaurant.

4. Fitness and wellness: With a focus on healthy living, Switzerland has a growing market for fitness and wellness products and services. Small gyms and the provision of personal training are two profitable ventures that can be started with little capital.

5. Eco-friendly products: Environmental preservation and sustainable development are highly valued in Switzerland. This market is expanding, so starting a business that offers eco-friendly products or services, such as renewable energy options or eco-friendly cleaning services, can benefit.

6. Art and culture: Switzerland has a thriving artistic community and a long cultural tradition. You can break into this market by starting a small gallery, teaching art, or offering handcrafted goods.

7. Technology: Switzerland is home to many leading-edge technology companies, and the market for novel products and services is expanding. Creating a technology-based business, such as a cybersecurity firm or a software development company, is a good way to break into this market.

8. The demand for medical equipment and services is growing in Switzerland, which has a strong healthcare system. Two examples of small healthcare businesses that can be launched and be profitable are a wellness center or a home health care agency.

9. Education: The demand for educational goods and services is rising as a result of Switzerland’s highly regarded educational system. A small education venture like a tutoring or language school can be financially successful.

10. Switzerland is a popular tourist destination with a growing market for goods and services related to travel and tourism. Starting a small travel agency, offering tour guide services, or opening a bed and breakfast are effective ways to break into this market.

11. Cleaning, repair, and renovation services for homes are becoming more and more common in Switzerland. A profitable small home services business can be started with modest financial outlays.

12. In Switzerland, personal services like personal shopping, personal grooming, and personal financial management are becoming more and more well-liked. A small business offering personal services can be successfully launched with a low initial investment.

13. Swiss consumers are increasingly interested in pet-related products and services. A pet grooming shop or a pet daycare can be started with a small startup investment and be a lucrative pet care business.

14. Environmental services: Switzerland prioritizes environmental protection, and the market for services like waste management and recycling is expanding. Starting a small business that offers environmental services can be profitable with only a small initial investment.

15. Swiss event planners are in high demand as the nation’s events industry continues to expand. A successful small event planning business can be started with a low startup cost, such as a wedding planning service or a corporate event planning business.

16. In Switzerland, demand for handyman services such as home maintenance and repair services is rising. You can start a successful small handyman services business with a modest capital outlay.

17. Both residential and commercial properties in Switzerland are in increasing need of cleaning services. Starting a small cleaning services business can be financially successful even with a low initial investment.

18. In Switzerland, the popularity of delivery services, including food and package delivery, is rising. Starting a small delivery services business can be profitable with a low upfront investment.

19. Beauty and personal care: The market for products and services related to beauty and personal care is growing in Switzerland. A successful business in the personal care and beauty sectors, like a hair salon or spa, can be started with modest capital outlays.

20. The demand for transportation services like taxi and ride-sharing services is rising in Switzerland. A small transportation services business can be successfully launched with a low initial investment.

With a modest initial investment, these 20 Swiss businesses have the potential to be profitable. The specific regulations and requirements for starting a business in Switzerland must be understood before making a decision, so it is important to conduct market research. 

Author: Pooyan Ghamari, Swiss Economist 





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