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Multi Level Marketing and Its Interactions with the Matrix Plan


Different strategic business models with distinctive approaches to hiring and compensation can be found in the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) industry. One of them is the Matrix Plan, also referred to as the Forced Matrix Plan and praised for its rigid depth and width structure. This article aims to delve into the specifics of the Matrix Plan, illuminating its workings and its function within the law.

Understanding the Matrix Plan’s Mechanisms.

The “width” and “depth” parameters commonly serve as the boundaries of the predetermined structure on which the Matrix Plan is based. Consider a 3×9 matrix plan, for example. A distributor can appoint three additional distributors directly in this setup, establishing the first level. The “depth” of the plan is formed by the structure’s nine additional levels. As new employees sign up, the system automatically moves them farther down the distributor’s downline. A balanced growth across the distributor’s network is encouraged by this auto-placement, which lasts until all positions are filled.

The Matrix Plan’s Elegance.

Its fairness and simplicity are two appealing features of the Matrix Plan. In contrast to other MLM models, the forced matrix plan prohibits distributors from sponsoring more new members than their plan’s “width” permits on their initial level. This restriction makes sure that any additional recruits who are hired after the width limit are placed further down the distributor’s downline, encouraging a climate of cooperation and balanced growth.

Legalities of the Matrix Plan and MLM models.

The Matrix Plan’s legal standing is a crucial component of any MLM model. The legality of a Matrix Plan is dependent upon its use of genuine product or service sales to end users, just like any other legitimate MLM business. Distributors are compensated for their services both directly and through the sales of the distributors they have attracted.

In contrast, the main source of income for pyramid schemes, which are illegal in the majority of countries, is the recruitment of new participants, with payouts frequently having little or no connection to the sales of the actual products involved. A pyramid scheme may have products with little actual market value and frequently places more emphasis on recruiting than product sales.

It is significant to note that the Matrix Plan can be a legitimate and successful MLM strategy when carried out correctly and with an emphasis on genuine product sales.

Global Implications and Verdict.

There are laws in each country that apply to MLM models. Therefore, it is essential to comprehend the rules established by the governing body in your country before participating in a Matrix Plan or any MLM model. The Matrix Plan provides a distinct, well-rounded approach to MLM that places an emphasis on equitable recruit distribution and guarantees mutual growth.

To make sure the model complies with the legal requirements in your country, it is crucial to stay informed about its legal aspects. The secret to telling a legitimate business from an illegal pyramid scheme is to concentrate on genuine product sales and not place an excessive emphasis on recruiting.

recognizing the Flexibility and Automation of the Matrix Plan.

The high level of automation in the distribution of recruits is a feature of the Matrix Plan that frequently goes unnoticed. Any new recruits are automatically moved down the distributor’s downline once the initial “width” limit is reached by the system. This automation makes it simpler for distributors to concentrate on mentoring their recruits as opposed to managing where they fit within the structure by ensuring a fair and balanced distribution of new members. As a result, there is no possibility of favoritism or imbalance, which further increases the equity of the plan.

The Problems with the Matrix Plan.

The Matrix Plan undoubtedly has benefits, but it also has drawbacks. The inability to choose where new hires are positioned in the downline can be one of these difficulties. Effective mentoring and communication could become challenging as a result of distributors feeling distant from recruits who are placed far down in their downline.

Additionally, if distributors choose to collaborate closely with more recruits than the predetermined number at the first level, they may run into problems. However, such problems can be resolved with efficient training and communication techniques, making sure that every team member feels valued and included.

An Instrument for Balanced Growth: The Matrix Plan.

The Matrix Plan’s primary function is as a tool for balanced growth. It creates an atmosphere where teamwork, rather than individual talent, is what leads to success. The importance of such a strategy cannot be overstated in a world that is becoming more connected. It not only develops a more equitable platform for distributors but also encourages the idea of shared success, which can be very inspiring for new hires.

The Last Word on the Legality of the Matrix Plan.

To summarize, the legality of a Matrix Plan, or any MLM model, primarily depends on its adherence to the principle of selling genuine goods or services. The MLM operation will probably be regarded as legal as long as it places a strong emphasis on actual consumer sales and makes sure distributors are compensated according to these sales.

Pyramid schemes that pass for legitimate MLM operations should be avoided, though. These schemes, which put an emphasis on recruiting over sales, are typically illegal.

Author: Pooyan Ghamari, Swiss Economist 


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