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Mastering DAO Legal and Technical Terminology: Key Tools for Successful Liquidation


The meticulous analysis and interpretation of the DAO’s founding principles constitute the first move in the complex dance of DAO liquidation. The organization’s whitepaper and smart contract act as the key documents that explain the specifics of how its business is conducted.


Your starting point should be these important documents. Set aside time to carefully go through them, vigilantly looking for any conditions or rules specifically related to the liquidation process.


Do not forget that each DAO displays a unique regulatory structure and framework. As a result, it is crucial to thoroughly understand the subtleties of its special governance architecture, decision-making processes, and asset distribution protocols. Make a note of any specific guidelines or rules that could influence the liquidation process, such as the required quorum, voting regulations, and operational standards for decision-making.


We hope that this chapter will give you the tools you need to understand the sometimes complex and occasionally obscure language used in DAO whitepapers and smart contracts. You will gain a firm understanding of the specialized legal and technical jargon related to DAOs and the liquidation process through this journey. As you proceed through the remaining stages of the process, this knowledge will be a tremendous help.


You will receive instruction from us on how to interpret legal documents and analyze documents.

Critical terminologies will be thoroughly explained along with their implications, revealing the underlying tenets. Additionally, we’ll introduce some useful exercises that you can do to improve your interpretive abilities and internalize the information.


You’ll possess the fundamental knowledge and interpretive abilities required for the following stages of the DAO liquidation process by the end of this chapter, which are essential prerequisites.

Author: Pooyan Ghamari, Swiss Economist & Visionary 


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