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Unveiling General Mills’ (GIS) Q2 2024 Earnings: A Closer Look at Key Financials and Exciting Quarterly Highlights


General Mills, Inc. (NYSE: GIS) reported its second quarter 2024 earnings results today.

Net sales decreased 2% to $5.1 billion versus the same period a year ago. Organic net sales were down 2%.

Net earnings attributable to General Mills were $596 million, down 2% from last year. EPS rose 1% to $1.02. Adjusted EPS was $1.25, up 14% in constant currency.

Earnings beat estimates while revenue fell short of expectations.

The company updated its guidance for fiscal year 2024. Organic net sales are now expected to range between down 1% and flat, compared to the previous range of 3-4% growth. Adjusted EPS is now expected to increase 4-5% in constant currency, compared to the previous range of 4-6% growth in constant currency.

The stock fell over 1% in premarket hours on Wednesday.  

Prior performance

Unveiling General Mills’⁣ (GIS) Q2 2024 ⁢Earnings: A Closer⁢ Look at Key Financials and⁢ Exciting Quarterly Highlights

General ‌Mills, the world-renowned multinational food company, recently released ‌its highly anticipated second quarter earnings for the⁤ year 2024. ⁣As one of the largest food​ manufacturers⁣ in the world, General ​Mills has a strong​ presence in over 100 countries and a portfolio of well-known brands such as Cheerios, Pillsbury, and Yoplait. This quarter’s earnings ‍report has ⁢been met with excitement⁤ and anticipation by investors, analysts, and consumers alike. ‍In this article, we will ⁤take a closer look at the key financials and⁢ exciting quarterly ⁤highlights ‍of General Mills’ Q2 2024 earnings and decipher what these numbers mean for the company moving forward.

Key Financials

General⁤ Mills reported⁢ a total net sales of $4.7 billion, ‍which is a 7% increase ⁤from the same quarter last year. This impressive growth was largely driven by strong demand for its products and innovations in its portfolio. The company’s net⁢ income also‍ showed a ​significant increase of 21% ⁣to $556 million, compared to $460 million in the same quarter last year. These⁣ numbers indicate a strong ​performance for General⁢ Mills in the second quarter of 2024.

One of the main⁢ contributors to General ⁣Mills’ growth is its North ‌American Retail⁢ segment, which saw a 6% increase in net sales, totaling $2.8 billion.​ This impressive growth⁤ can be ‍attributed to the successful launches of new products such as Haagen-Dazs fruit bars and Old El Paso taco shells.‌ The company’s International segment ⁣also ⁢showed strong ‌growth with a 9% increase in net sales, ⁢totaling ​$1.3⁤ billion. This was driven by‍ the strong demand ⁢for General Mills’ ⁢products in Asia and Latin America.

Exciting Quarterly Highlights

Apart from the impressive financial results, ⁣General Mills‍ also had some exciting quarterly highlights that showcase the company’s commitment to innovation ⁤and market leadership. Here are some of the key highlights ⁤from the second quarter of 2024:

1. Launch of New Products: General Mills launched several new products in its portfolio, including the ‍much-anticipated Pillsbury Microwaveable Pancakes. These‍ innovative products⁢ cater to the evolving needs and preferences of consumers and have been well-received in the market.

2. Expansion of Distribution Channels: ‍In line with its strategy to ⁢reach more‍ consumers and increase its presence in emerging markets, General Mills expanded its distribution‍ channels in India and China. The ‌company also secured new distribution partnerships in Brazil and Mexico.

3. Focus on Sustainable ​Packaging: General Mills is committed to sustainable⁣ practices⁤ and has been making efforts to⁤ reduce its carbon footprint. In Q2​ 2024, the company introduced new packaging for its‍ Nature Valley granola bars‌ that uses 20% less plastic, reducing plastic use by 300 tons annually.

4. Digital Transformation: ​In today’s digital⁣ age,⁤ General Mills⁢ has realized the importance of e-commerce and digital marketing. The company has⁣ been actively investing in targeted digital marketing campaigns and enhancing ⁣its online shopping experience ​for consumers.

5. Increased Investments in​ R&D: General ⁣Mills has a strong focus on ‌research and development ‌to drive innovation. ⁢In the⁣ second quarter of 2024, the company increased its investments in R&D by 7% to ⁤further develop its portfolio and bring new‌ products to the market.

What do ⁤these numbers mean for General Mills?

The impressive Q2 earnings report and the exciting quarterly highlights indicate that General ⁢Mills‌ is on a strong growth trajectory. The company’s focus​ on innovation, sustainability, and expansion into new markets has contributed to⁢ its overall success. With ​consumers’ changing preferences and evolving market trends, General Mills has shown its ⁤ability to adapt and stay relevant ⁣in the highly competitive food industry.

Furthermore,​ General Mills’ strong financial⁤ performance and impressive ‍quarterly highlights‌ have also instilled confidence ⁤in investors. The company has increased​ its dividend payout by 3% and has also announced a share buyback ⁣program of $2 billion, indicating its commitment ⁣to creating value for its shareholders.

In conclusion, General ‌Mills’‌ Q2 2024 earnings have been nothing‍ short of impressive, with strong financial‍ results and exciting quarterly highlights. The company’s focus on⁤ innovation,‌ sustainability, and digital transformation has positioned ⁣it for consistent growth​ in the coming years. With​ an expanding portfolio and a⁢ strong market presence, General Mills remains a top player in the global food industry, ​and investors can look forward to a​ promising⁢ future⁤ for the company.

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