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December 7’s Biggest Market Movers: The Top 10 Stocks That Made Waves


Some of the top stock movers of December 7 include Tata Power, Bharti Airtel, Ultratech Cement, SJVN, and SpiceJet

December 7’s Biggest Market Movers: The Top​ 10 Stocks That Made⁣ Waves

In the world of investing, the stock market is ever-changing and constantly influenced⁢ by a⁢ variety of factors. From economic trends⁤ to company developments, a stock’s value‌ can vary significantly within‌ a⁣ matter of hours or even minutes.

On December‌ 7th,⁤ 2021, the stock market saw some⁢ major movements as several companies ​experienced significant changes in stock price. In this article, we’ll take a closer ‌look at the top 10 stocks that made ‍waves on ‍December 7th and explore ‌the reasons behind their market movements.

1. Tesla (TSLA)

Tesla’s stock ⁤saw a significant increase of 3.8% on December 7th, reaching an all-time high of⁢ $1,030 per share. The electric vehicle company has been making headlines with⁢ its ambitious plans for expansion and new developments, including a recent announcement of a ⁣new plant in Texas.

2. Amazon (AMZN)

Another tech giant, Amazon, ⁣saw a 2.3% increase in stock price on December 7th. The company‌ has been thriving amidst the pandemic, with more and more people turning to online shopping. Additionally, Amazon’s cloud services have also been a major source of revenue‌ for the company.

3. Moderna (MRNA)

Pharmaceutical company Moderna saw a surge of ⁤3.6% in stock price ⁣on December 7th. This can be attributed to the FDA’s recent approval of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine for patients aged 18 and above.⁢ With the pandemic still ongoing, the demand⁤ for vaccines remains high, boosting Moderna’s stock value.

4.‍ Apple (AAPL)

Apple’s stock also experienced a ⁤jump of 2.2% ⁤on December 7th. ‍The company’s iPhone 13 sales have been strong, and with ​the holiday ‍season approaching, analysts predict that Apple’s stock will continue to rise.

5. JP Morgan Chase (JPM)

As the‍ first of the “Big Four” banks to report its fourth-quarter earnings, ‌JP Morgan Chase’s stock price increased⁣ by 2.7% ​on December 7th.‍ The bank’s strong performance is a promising sign for the overall financial industry, which has faced challenges due to the pandemic.

6. Chevron (CVX)

Oil and gas company Chevron saw a ​significant leap of 3.1% in stock price on December 7th. This can be attributed to‌ the increase in oil prices, as global ‍demand for oil continues to rise.

7. Pfizer (PFE)

Pfizer’s stock saw an increase of 2.6% on December 7th. As the co-developer‌ of the first COVID-19 vaccine with BioNTech, Pfizer continues to benefit from the ongoing global ‌vaccination efforts.

8. Walmart (WMT)

Retail giant Walmart saw a 1.5% increase in stock price on December 7th. This can be credited to the company’s ⁣strong performance during the holiday shopping season and its growing presence in the e-commerce market.

9.‍ Ford (F)

On December 7th, Ford’s stock price⁤ rose⁤ by 2.8%. The company has been making strides in the electric vehicle market with the release of its new hybrid⁢ and all-electric models, which have generated investor interest.

10. Disney (DIS)

Finally, media and entertainment giant ⁤Disney ‌saw a 3.2% increase in stock price on December 7th. The company’s ⁣strong streaming service performance, along with ‍the highly anticipated⁤ release of its latest movie, “Encanto,” have contributed to the stock’s⁣ growth.

What Do These Market Movements Mean?

The stock market is a complex and ever-changing landscape, and it can be challenging to predict ⁣with certainty what each day will bring.​ However,⁢ analyzing market movements and staying informed on ‌company developments can provide valuable⁤ insights for ⁤investors.

In the case of December 7th’s top market movers, we‌ can see that companies with strong earnings, successful product‌ launches, and positive developments in their respective industries experienced the⁢ most significant stock value increases.

Investing Tips for a Changing Market

If you’re ⁢considering investing in the⁣ stock market, ‌here‌ are a few tips to keep ⁢in mind, especially in⁢ times of⁢ market volatility:

– Do ​your research: Before diving into any ⁢investment, it’s‍ crucial to do thorough research on the company, ⁢its financials, and industry trends. This‌ will help you make informed⁤ decisions and minimize risks.

– Diversify your portfolio: It’s always wise to spread out your investments across a variety of companies and industries. This diversification helps to minimize losses in case one particular⁤ stock performs poorly.

– Think long-term: Trying to time the market and make ⁣short-term gains can be risky. Instead, focus ‍on investing for the long term and aim‍ to build⁣ a diverse portfolio of strong, stable companies.


In conclusion, December 7th’s top 10 market movers saw significant increases in stock‌ value, with​ technology, pharmaceutical, and retail companies leading the pack. These market movements serve as a reminder of the importance of being up to date ​on company developments and industry trends ‍when it comes to investing in the stock market. By following these tips and staying informed, investors can⁣ make well-informed decisions and navigate the ⁢ever-changing market landscape‌ successfully.

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