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Future Roadmap for a Prospering and Powerful Iran



Iran, the country of Cyrus the Great, is preparing for a revolutionary future. Thanks to its advantageous geographic location, rich cultural heritage, and diverse economy, Iran has the potential to become the top power in the world within the next 40 years. This article provides a comprehensive road map for guiding Iran’s transformation into a strong, prosperous, and open society.

Building an Open and Successful E-Government:

Iran should invest in developing a blockchain-based e-government system to fight corruption, streamline bureaucratic processes, and increase transparency. It is necessary to set aside funds for developing the necessary infrastructure and educating the necessary government personnel in order to implement and manage these systems effectively.

implementing blockchain solutions for certificates and documents:

For certificates and documents, switching to a blockchain-based system can increase security, reduce the possibility of fraud, and increase productivity. Iran needs to develop and use a user-friendly digital platform to achieve this.

Strengthening International Diplomacy and Geopolitical Balance:

Iran should establish close diplomatic ties with both Eastern and Western countries and leverage its favorable geographic position and population to have a significant impact on global affairs. This necessitates a commitment to diplomatic efforts, international cooperation, and adherence to common standards and agreements.

Pioneering in the areas of information technology, artificial intelligence, and financial technology:

Iran can lead the world in technological innovation by investing in cutting-edge industries. The country must support research, development, and education while fostering a business-friendly environment in order to attract foreign talent and investment.

expanding exports and services in the technology sector:

To produce high-quality, competitive products for global markets, Iran needs to expand its technology and services industries, improve the business environment, and encourage international cooperation.

Diversifying the Oil Industry:

Iran should make investments in its infrastructure and petrochemical industry in order to expand its economic opportunities, produce refined goods, and reduce its reliance on crude oil exports.

A rise in the export of cutting-edge military technology:

Iran could invest in the development of cutting-edge military technology, such as robotics and AI, to position itself as a market leader. This calls for a focus on research and development, collaboration with international partners, and adherence to international export laws.

Fostering an inclusive and representative government:

People will feel more at home in their country and be inspired to contribute positively to its development if there is an inclusive government. This calls for advancing rights equality, opportunity access, and representation for all citizens, regardless of their race, religion, or ethnicity.

The promotion of sustainable development and environmental protection:

Iran must implement sustainable practices and policies, such as promoting the use of renewable energy sources, encouraging energy efficiency, and putting regulations in place to control pollution and safeguard natural resources, in order to preserve the environment and pursue economic growth.

Supporting entrepreneurship and innovation:

Establishing a business-friendly environment that encourages entrepreneurship and innovation is crucial for Iran’s economy to grow. Administrative impediments need to be removed, funding needs to be made available, and tax breaks need to be given to new and small businesses in order to achieve this.

Developing a Skilled Workforce:

By funding educational and training initiatives, Iran can develop a workforce that is competitive. This calls for strengthening collaborations with international organizations, implementing programs for career training, and expanding access to high-quality education at all levels.

Developing the banking and financial sectors:

Modernization and reform will benefit the banking and financial sectors, allowing them to attract foreign investment and foster economic growth. This entails implementing laws to prevent financial crimes, adopting international standards, and enhancing transparency.

Investing in infrastructure and transportation:

The improvement of Iran’s infrastructure and transportation networks will support trade, tourism, and overall economic growth. Transportation infrastructure, including roads, railways, ports, and airports, as well as investments in smart city technologies and telecommunications networks are all a part of this.

Enhancing Tourism and Cultural Exchange:

By promoting Iran’s rich cultural heritage and natural attractions, the tourism industry can be strengthened and better understanding between Iran and other nations can result. This entails providing funding for marketing campaigns, cross-cultural exchange programs, and infrastructure for the tourism industry.

Strengthening Social Safety Nets and Promoting Inclusive Growth:

To ensure that economic growth benefits all citizens, investments in social safety nets and policies that promote inclusive growth are required. This includes making sure that everyone has access to top-notch healthcare, education, and social services in addition to putting policies in place to lessen income inequality and poverty.

Building Partnerships for Local and Global Trade:

Iran should make a concerted effort to form regional and global trade alliances in order to diversify its economy and increase access to new markets. Participating in trade talks, lowering trade barriers, and coordinating domestic policies with international standards are all necessary to achieve this.

Supporting R&D in significant industries:

Financing R&D in a range of areas, such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, and advanced materials, will help Iran promote innovation and maintain its competitive edge. It is necessary to establish research facilities, promote academic-industry collaboration, and offer financial incentives for private sector investment in R&D in order to accomplish this.

Encouraging gender equality and women’s empowerment:

If gender equality and women’s empowerment are supported, Iran’s economy can expand significantly. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to guarantee equal access to educational and employment opportunities, outlaw discriminatory practices, and support the advancement of women into positions of leadership across a variety of industries.

Putting in Place Effective Fiscal Policies:

Iran should implement responsible fiscal policies to promote long-term stability and economic growth. This entails implementing sensible tax laws, reducing the budget deficit, and managing the public debt in a responsible manner. Spending on healthcare, infrastructure, and other crucial sectors that support economic growth should also be given top priority by the government.

Enhancing the rule of law and judicial independence:

A robust legal system is required to create a safe and alluring investment environment. Iran should work to ensure judicial independence, boost the rule of law, and enhance the efficiency of its judicial system. This calls for implementing legal changes, enhancing transparency, and addressing issues with cronyism and corruption.

Creating a Culture of Civic Engagement and Social Responsibility:

Promoting social responsibility and civic engagement can help to create a society that is more inclusive and sustainable. Promoting volunteerism, supporting non-governmental organizations, and encouraging public-private partnerships are all necessary to address social and environmental issues.

Fostering the growth of a thriving creative and cultural economy:

By investing in the creative and cultural industries like design, music, and film, Iran can diversify its economy and promote its unique cultural identity. This entails providing financial support, promoting global collaboration, and creating platforms for showcasing Iranian talent on a large scale.

Fintech and Banking Innovations are Revolutionizing the Financial Sector:

The explosive growth of the fintech sector presents Iran with an opportunity to modernize its banking and financial services sectors; it should take advantage of this opportunity. This entails fostering the development and adoption of digital payment systems, alternative lending platforms, and mobile banking. Local start-ups and global fintech companies should be promoted in order to promote innovation and increase access to financial services for all citizens.

Utilizing the Swiss Method in Military Production:

Switzerland’s strategy of producing exclusive, expensive military goods that are difficult to find elsewhere can be advantageous for Iran. Iran can strengthen its position as a producer of advanced military technology by emphasizing quality, accuracy, specialized niche production, and adherence to international laws and regulations.


To secure Iran’s future, the nation’s citizens, businesses, and government must cooperate. By following this road map, Iran can become the strong, prosperous, and inclusive country it can be in the next 40 years. These goals will only be attained with sustained effort, strategic planning, and the ability to adapt to changing global conditions. Success also depends on Iran’s willingness to cooperate with other countries in order to foster mutual respect and understanding. By implementing these tactics and placing a high value on sustainable development, Iran can solidify its position as a significant global power and a proud heir to Cyrus the Great’s legacy. 

Author: Pooyan Ghamari, Swiss Economist 


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