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Revamping Mumbai’s Elite Worli Area: CG Power Joins Forces with K Raheja for Headquarters Redevelopment


The company and the developer will be entitled to 50% share of the leasehold right and the developed building.

Revamping Mumbai’s Elite Worli Area: CG Power Joins Forces with K⁣ Raheja for Headquarters Redevelopment

Mumbai, also⁤ known as the “City of Dreams,” is a⁤ bustling metropolis that is⁣ constantly growing and evolving. One of its ‌most prestigious and‌ sought-after areas is Worli, located in the southern part of the city. Known for its upscale residential and commercial properties, Worli has recently seen ‌a new development that is set to change the landscape of‍ the area – the partnership between CG Power and Industrial Solutions Ltd. and K Raheja Corp for the redevelopment of their headquarters in Worli.

CG Power and Industrial Solutions Ltd., one of India’s leading power​ and industrial equipment manufacturers, has joined hands with K Raheja ‌Corp, a renowned real estate⁣ developer, to⁣ revamp their corporate headquarters in Worli. This move is a significant step towards the transformation of the already elite Worli area into a modern, sustainable, and functional business district.

Let’s take a ​closer look at ‌this development and ⁤its potential impact.

The Partnership

The collaboration between CG​ Power and K Raheja Corp was announced in⁤ December 2019, with a vision to transform the outdated, single-use commercial building into a mixed-use development that caters to the needs of modern businesses and​ their employees. This‌ joint⁤ venture⁣ brings together the ⁢expertise and experience ⁤of two renowned names ⁢in their respective industries, which⁣ will undoubtedly create a buzz in the real estate market.

The Redevelopment Plans

The redevelopment plans for the headquarters of​ CG Power and Industrial Solutions Ltd. include demolishing their existing standalone commercial building and constructing a new state-of-the-art multi-use building in its place. This new development ‍is poised to become the tallest ‍corporate tower in Worli, standing at ‌107 meters and⁣ spanning over 1.25 million square ⁤feet.

The new tower will be equipped with the latest technology and infrastructure, making it a prime destination for businesses looking for ⁣a modern and⁤ efficient workspace. The building will also have a dedicated⁣ training center, conference rooms, and recreational facilities, ​all of which will enhance the overall work experience of ⁢the ​employees.

Impact on Worli’s Real Estate Market

The redevelopment of this landmark building is expected to have a significant impact on the real estate market in⁤ Worli.​ With its prime‌ location and world-class ‌amenities, the new tower will attract top businesses and multinational companies, resulting ⁢in ‍increased demand for commercial property in the area.

Worli has always been a desirable location for businesses, given its proximity to the‍ Bandra-Worli Sea Link and the prestigious business‍ district of Lower Parel. However, with⁣ the addition of this new development, Worli is expected to witness a ⁣rise in its real estate prices and⁢ overall growth, making it an even more elite⁣ and sought-after area in Mumbai.

Sustainable Development

One of​ the crucial aspects of this redevelopment is its focus on sustainability. The new tower will be constructed using environmentally friendly materials ⁢and practices, setting an example for other developments in the area. This commitment to sustainability is essential, ⁤especially in a densely populated city like ​Mumbai, where the⁤ environmental⁢ impact of construction is ⁣a significant concern.

The new building will also incorporate energy-efficient systems‍ and design, reducing its⁣ carbon footprint and operating costs. It will also have ample ​natural light and ventilation, creating a healthy and productive work environment for the employees.

Benefits of the Partnership ‍for Businesses

The partnership ‍between CG Power and K Raheja Corp brings a wealth of benefits for ‍businesses looking to set up their headquarters in Worli. Some of the advantages of this development include:

1. Prime Location – The new tower will be strategically located in Worli, making it easily accessible from all parts of the city. This will be a significant advantage for businesses that have a global⁣ presence ‌and attract top talent from around the world.

2. World-Class‍ Infrastructure – The new building will be equipped with modern​ amenities and facilities, making it an ideal ‌workspace for businesses of all sizes.

3. Sustainability – As mentioned ‍earlier, the new tower will be constructed⁢ using sustainable practices⁤ and materials, which will appeal to businesses that prioritize environmental responsibility.

Case Studies of ​Similar Partnerships

The success ⁣of ⁤partnerships ⁤between industrial and real⁣ estate⁣ players‍ is ‌not a⁢ new concept in ⁢Mumbai. ​Several similar collaborations have proven to ‌be successful in ⁤the past. One such⁤ example ‍is the redevelopment of⁢ Indiabulls House in ⁣Lower Parel. The partnership between Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd. and Blackstone Group resulted in the construction ‍of One Indiabulls Centre, ⁤a multi-use and environmentally sustainable development.

Similarly, the redevelopment of One BKC, a landmark commercial ⁤property in ​the Bandra-Kurla Complex, was a‌ result of the collaboration between Radius Developers and DB Realty.

First-hand Experience

CG Power and‍ Industrial Solutions Ltd. and K Raheja ‍Corp are⁤ not the only ones excited about this partnership and redevelopment. Several ‌businesses and potential tenants have already expressed their interest in being a part of ⁤this new development. With the promise of a modern and sustainable workspace, businesses can look forward to a connected and vibrant ⁢community that fosters growth and ⁤success.


The revamping of⁢ Mumbai’s elite Worli area through this partnership between‍ CG Power‍ and Industrial Solutions Ltd. and K Raheja Corp is ‍a ​significant development that will change the ⁣landscape of the area and set new standards for commercial real estate in the ‌city. With its focus on sustainability, world-class infrastructure, and prime ⁢location, this joint venture is ​a win-win for both businesses and the city ⁢of Mumbai.

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